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Quality Components & Amazing Performance at Wholesale Pricing!

We use only the finest components to custom build a PC that will surpass the quality of any name brand computer at a significant savings...

  • Windows XP or Windows 2000
  • Avance or Casedge ATX Mid-Tower Cases with 300 Watt UL Approved Power Supplies
  • Intel Motherboards and Processors with Heat Sinks and Cooling Fans
  • Western Digital 7200 RPM Hard Drives
  • Mitsumi CD-ROM and CD-RW Drives
  • V.92 56K Modems & AGP Video Cards
  • Keytronics, Logitech and Mitsumi Keyboards & Mice
  • AOC or Viewsonic Monitors (Flat Panel or CRT)
  • Assembled, Installed & Tested
  • 3 Year Depot Warranty (Optional 3 Year Onsite Warranty)
Choose Your Case
Motherboard Intel 845 EBG2L with Onboard Audio & 10/100 NIC
Choose Your Processor
Choose Your Memory
Choose Your Hard Drive
Choose Your Video Card
Floppy Drive
1st CD-ROM or CD-RW
2nd CD-ROM, CD-RW or Zip 250
Choose Your Modem
Choose Your Speakers
Choose Your Keyboard
Choose Your Mouse
Choose Your Operating System
Add Microsoft Office
Choose a Warranty
Add a Monitor