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If you are serious about a web site, there are some things to consider... 
The Bad News! The Good News!
Many "Professional" web site developers charge several thousand dollars to 10's of thousands of dollars for sites that will need to be updated on a regular basis to keep customers coming back...  Guess what, the updating costs extra too!

Other "Franchise-like" operations will lure you with deals that sound too good to be true...  And they always are!  These plans often limit you to choose from a handful of generic pre-made designs with even fewer features.  On top of that, they often require you to advertise for them with unattractive banner ads, pop up windows and other graphical material.  Of course they seldom tell you this before you're committed!  While it may get a website out there for you, to those with even limited web experience, it will look CHEAP... 

Is this the kind of image you want your company to portray?

STS can provide you with a professional web site at a fraction of the cost of so-called professional web developers.  We take all the hassles out of web development.  We will register your domain name (http://www.yourname.com), design and implement your site, and even host your web site.

If you choose to, when your site is finished, you or any one of your un-trained employees can become your organization's "Webmaster" in a few short hours! Your site may be updated or changed, as often as you like, by your own personnel, without extensive training or the ongoing expense of a developer using Microsoft® FrontPage® 2000! Of course, we can update your site for an annual or incident based fee, but it is NOT required!  More FrontPage® information...

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