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Design Pricing
Features Brochure SOHO Standard SOHO Custom Corporate Standard Enterprise
Price $95.00 $395.00 $595.00 $995.00 Quote
Domain Registration Yes1 Yes1 Yes1 Yes1 Yes1
Hosting $7.95/month2 $14.95/month2 $14.95/month2 $19.95/month2 $19.95 - $39.952
Pages One3 Five3 Five3 Ten3 Unlimited
FrontPageŽ Theme Standard  Theme Standard Theme Custom Theme Custom Design or Custom Theme Custom Design or Custom Theme
Logos, Graphics, Digital Pictures Up to Three4 Up to Ten4 Up to Ten4 Up to Fifteen4 Unlimited
Contact E-mail Forms Optional 2 2 3 Unlimited
Meta Key Words Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Page Population (Text and Graphics) One5 Five5 Five5 Ten5 Unlimited
Search Engine Registration Optional6 1 time listing with 6 search engines6 1 time listing with 6 search engines6 1 time listing with 6 search engines6 400 search engines registered monthly
Bulletin Board Forum Optional Optional Optional Optional Yes
E-Commerce Optional (see below) Optional (see below) Optional (see below) Optional (see below) Yes

1. We will register your domain name for 2-years at $35.00/year.  You can register your own name here...
2. To be billed semi-annually (every 6 months).  Monthly billing will incur a $2.00/month service charge.
3. Additional pages may be purchased at $100.00/page
4. Logo design is not included in the price, but can designed by our graphic design department for an additional charge.  Graphics and digital pictures can be provided to STS in electronic format or as a hard copy.
5. All text for populating pages must be provided in electronic format to avoid re-typing charges
6. An upgrade to 400 search engines registered each month is available for $150.00/year.

E-Commerce - Can You Afford Not to Sell Your Products Online?

According to Forrester Research, more than 50 million households will make online purchases over the next five years.  Additionally, there will be a hefty increase in online spending per household -- growing from $1,167.00/year in 1999 to $3,738.00/year in 2004.

Features Paypal Cart Commerce SOHO Commerce Pro
Shopping Cart Basic Yes Yes
SSL Security Yes Yes Yes
Design & Layout Yes1 Yes Yes
FrontPage Compatible Yes2 Yes Yes
Shipping Calculation Yes3 Yes Yes
Tax Calculation Yes Yes Yes
E-mail Notification Yes Yes Yes
Products unlimited unlimited unlimited
Products/Pages included
in Design
6-10 (1 page) 6-10 (1 page) 6-10 (1 page)
Additional Pages/Products optional8 optional8 optional8
Accepts Credit Cards Yes4 Yes5 Yes
Real-Time Credit Card
Yes4 No6 Yes7
Merchant Account Included No No Yes7
Options (sizes, colors, etc.) No Yes Yes
Service Period Included unlimited 1 year 1 year
Renewal Fee
Free $199.00/year $199.00/year
Total Design & Service Fee $195.00 $395.00 $495.00

1. Control over design is limited.
2. No FrontPage plug-in but HTML can be copied and pasted into FrontPage interface.
3. Basic calculations by flat rate dollar amount or by % of total.
4. Credit card payments accepted by Paypal and transferred into your PayPal account.  Fees may apply.
5. Manual processing of credit cards only.  Third party merchant account required.
6. Upgradeable to Commerce Pro.
7. Subject to eligibility.  If you choose not to use the Rich Media merchant account or already have a credit card merchant account, their will be an additional charge for configuring automatic authorization.
8.  Additional product/page designs may be purchased at $100.00/page.

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